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Sound damping elements – the product range that sets new acoustic standards

We live in a noisy world. Noise makes people ill, gets on their nerves and disturbs their concentration. It is perfectly legitimate to want more peace and quiet both at work and in the home.

That increases the requirements on noise protection in buildings. Thanks to the innovative Aschwanden Silent products, this fact can now be taken into consideration even when planning concrete structures.



Wide product range for in-situ concrete and prefabrications.

Excellent structural and enhanced sound damping properties.

Very high weighted difference in impact sound pressure level 1) (∆L*n,w).
1) without applying the reference floor method

Experimental verification of the strength and deflection capacity of the acoustic elements.

Tested at the Fraunhofer Institute IBP / at the EMPA / at Schalltechnisches Entwicklungs- und Prüfinstitut (STEP) GmbH.

Minimum time and effort in planning and construction work.


Application options

    • CRET Silent-930

    • CRET Silent-945, -946, -947 APG

    • CRET Silent-960, -960P, -970, -970P

    • CRET Silent-984, -985, -986

    • CRET Silent-992, -992P, -993, -993P, -994, -994P



Measurement report EMPA
Measurement report IBP