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Heavy-duty shear load connectors – Series 100 and Series 500

Heavy-duty shear load connectors for the absorption of greater loads or the transmission of shear loads in the area of expansion joints in concrete construction.

Based on the composite principle, the load transmission allows a considerable enlargement of the force transfer cone.

This significantly improves the strength of the CRET connectors.



Product overview

    • CRET-122, -124, -128, -134, -140

    • CRET-122V, -124V, -128V, -134V, -140V

    • CRET-145, -150, -155

    • CRET-145V, -150V, 155V

    • CRET-504, -508, -512, -515

    • CRET-504V, -508V, -512V, -515V

    • CRET-504A , -504A V, -508A, -508A V, -512A, -512A V, -515A, -515A V (Model A: closed stirrup)

    • CRET-504B , -504B V, -508B, -508B V, -512B, -512B V, -515B, -515B V (Model B: open stirrup)