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Safe and simple design of different building elements with one software

Design software version 9.1: clear,
structured and open for the future

Over the last few years our design software has proved to be an indispensable aid for many engineers in dimensioning and design as well as administration.

It is based on the standards currently applicable and the latest technical findings, which means it always supplies reliable results. In addition, data that have been entered in the project manager – such as basic and master data, object and project data – can also be used for further elements.

The software is continuously refined and updates itself automatically when the software is started. The revised CRET design module and the new ARBO design module have been added in the current version 9.1.


Insights into the software

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    • Project manager

    • Technical product advice

    • DURA design module

    • ORSO design module

    • ARBO | CRET design module


Design modules

The ARBO|CRET design module enables the design of ARBO thermally insulating reinforcement units, CRET shear load connectors, CRET Silent impact sound damping shear load connectors and ARBO Silent sound and thermally insulating reinforcement units.

The ARBO/CRET design module suggests the units and their arrangement based on the design parameters entered. The effects are either entered in the software or copied directly from FE software. Information on any additional suspension and longitudinal reinforcements that may be required is also output, enabling fast, simple and safe design of the ARBO and CRET units.


Plug-in for ARBO/CRET of the full Axis version
The plug-in for AxisVM allows ARBO thermally insulating reinforcement units and CRET shear load connectors to be designed directly together with the building model. The plug-in enables the location and exact load on the ARBO and CRET units to be determined, allowing the units to be placed in an optimum, cost-effective arrangement.

> Plugin for full version AxisVM X5 | DOWNLOAD
> Plugin for full version AxisVM X4 | DOWNLOAD
> Plugin for full version AxisVM 13 | DOWNLOAD


The DURA design module allows DURA punching shear and shear load reinforcements for slabs and balconies to be measured. The software shows all possible solutions for your particular design scenario and supplies the structural verification.

The partial revision of the SIA 262:2013 standard has justifiably tightened up punching shear design requirements, but it has also made them more complex. The Aschwanden design software takes all new requirements into consideration and offers reliable, compliant solutions for the punching shear reinforcement of flat slabs and floor slabs. The possible options are presented clearly in DURA Explorer.
These days the planner of a flat slab generally uses punching shear software, trusting the creator of the software to consider all factors and to design in accordance with standards. The developers of Aschwanden have validated their own tests and implemented these in the design program and expert report. This transparency gives you the confidence you require for your design.


RINO Exo, RINO Bar, RINO Axial
The RINO design module allows the need for additional punching shear reinforcement to be estimated.

RINO supplies a tabular summary of the input data and the punching capacity of the flat slab under consideration. If the existing flat slab has to be strengthened, Aschwanden Engineering Services advises and supports the planners on the possible strengthening solutions with RINO Exo, RINO Bar or RINO Axial.


ORSO-V precast steel/concrete composite columns
The design module for the precast steel/concrete composite columns has underdone a complete revision with version 9.0.

ORSO-V offers the following benefits:
– Search for the optimum cross-section
– Analysis of 3 load scenarios (structural, impact and fire)
– Overview in column explorer
– New: direct graphic representation of the chosen solution
– Integrated head and foot detail design
– Design model verified through testing

ORSO-B precast reinforced concrete columns
The Aschwanden software allows the ORSO-B reinforced concrete columns to be designed. The software not only shows the relevant design scenario with the possible cross-section options and supplies the structural verification – it also assists you in the administrative processes and generates submission texts, installation plans, parts lists and ordering lists, broken down according to your objects.