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Punching shear and and shear load reinforcement

The innovative DURA system is compliant with standards and has long been the first choice for punching shear and shear load reinforcements.

It has been tested in accordance with the latest scientific findings in 27 integrated series of tests at the EPFL, EMPA and HSLU. Designs according to SIA 262 and expert reports can be implemented.

As well as DURA stirrup cages and DURA steel heads, the system also comprises DURA S elements, which in many cases allow even more economic structural solutions.



Optimum and economic solutions thanks to high system flexibility.

Design compliant with SIA 262 or expert report of A. Kenel / S. Lips. Safety verified in 24 tests.

The DURA system ensures stability in installation when combined with the reinforcement – which means a punching system suitable for building sites.

Special-purpose types as required.

Great time savings in placement and in the reinforcement acceptance process.

Unique, efficient planning software.


Application options

    • DURA -Steel head

    • DURA -Steel head in combination with prestressing cable

    • DURA - Steel head

    • DURA - Steel head in combination with prestressing cable

    • DURA - Bürgerspital Solothurn

    • DURA Box

    • DURA Box



Design module DURA
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