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RINO Exo steel head

Externally mounted steel head for retroactively increasing the punching capacity of existing flat slabs.

The RINO Exo system allows the punching capacity to be increased in an order of magnitude of 100%.

The prestressing of the RINO Exo heads both enables the damaged slab zone to be effectively relieved and guarantees its activation without any additional deformation of the slab.

Several types of steel head are available:

Typ 1: Used for round or square, small-size columns and/or where the load is small.

Typ 2: Used for columns with a longitudinal cross-section.

Typ 3: Used for columns with large dimensions and/or where the load is high.

Typ 4: Identical to type 3 in terms of statics, but the (provisional) openings in the edge profile and a spacer allow use in cases where the existing column has to be retained.


Product overview

    • RINO Exo

    • RINO Exo prestressing