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CRET Silent-945 APG, -946 APG, -947 APG

Height-adjustable shear load connector with tested sound damping.

CRET Silent offers a simple and acoustically efficient way to isolate building elements when uniaxial shear loads are to be transmitted.

CRET Silent allows simple design solutions, enabling processes on the construction site to be optimised.

CRET Silent-945 APG, -946 APG, -947 APG is a height-adjustable sound damping shear load connector for the uniaxial transmission of shear loads. It is primarily used for precast landings on stairs.


Product overview

    • CRET Silent-945, -946, -947 (APG)

    • CRET Silent-945, -946, -947 – Connector

    • CRET Silent-945, -946, -947 – Sleeve

    • CRET Silent-945, -946, -947 – APG

    • CRET Silent-945, -946, -947 (APG) – Installation