The Aschwanden app gets you moving.

Mobile, field-oriented services are becoming ever more important in the day-to-day work of structural engineers, construction physicists, building contractors and foremen. The Aschwanden app generates fast and reliable solutions for Aschwanden products on the spot, e.g. at construction meetings or on the building site. The interactive information tool is the handy digital complement to the product folders, providing optimal support while on the move.

The app offers simple, fast and reliable solutions using Aschwanden products – including the entire product range of CRET heavy-duty shear load connectors, for ORSO-V columns, and now for DURA stirrup cages. It also incorporates optimised installation instructions for all products, plus a simple procedure for calculating reinforced concrete cross-section areas. All results and inputs can be saved and exported as PDF files.

The Aschwanden design tools app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store and from Google Play


Licence Agreement, version 12.1.2016 / PDF

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