Silent – a product range setting new acoustic benchmarks

Groundbreaking noise insulation innovations

We live in a loud world. Noise makes people ill, wears on their nerves, spoils their concentration. The need for greater peace and quiet in our private and professional lives is a legitimate aspiration. With it come greater expectations on noise insulation in buildings. The Aschwanden range of innovative Silent products already allows this factor to be taken into account when planning concrete structures.

Customer benefits at a glance

  • Excellent structural and acoustically enhanced properties
  • Very high weighted difference in impact sound pressure level of the landing (∆L*w,landing)
  • Several times lower sound power
  • Tested at Fraunhofer Institute IBP / EMPA
  • No arbitrarily selected data
  • Extensive scientific, building acoustics studies
  • Sound attenuation quantified in one-third octave bands
  • Experimental verification of strength and deflection capacity of the acoustic elements
  • Minimum outlay for planning and construction work

Silent Product overview

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