ORSO-V Composite steel/concrete columns – these prefabricated columns fulfil the most stringent demands in terms of statics, architecture and fire protection

ORSO-V composite steel/composite columns fulfil the most stringent demands in terms of statics and aesthetics. In project planning, static design of the high-strength prefabricated columns is particularly challenging. In addition to designing the optimal cross-sections, and taking into account the foot and head slabs, transmission structures, corbel moments or horizontal forces (impact), the various support conditions are also considered.

Customer benefits at a glance

  • Slender, heavy-duty colums for esthetically appealing solutions
  • Fire protection homologation by Union of Cantonal Federal Fire Assurance Companies VKF
  • Combinable with DURA and RINO punching shear systems
  • Ready-to-install column with cast base and head slabs
  • Straightforward design thanks to process-supporting software
  • Columns are available in various surface finishes
  • Special-purpose types to customer order

ORSO-V Product overview

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